Yamaha Gigmaker Standard Acoustic Guitar Package Alert: Is This the Best of the Beginner Acoustic Guitars?

Yamaha Gigmaker Standard Acoustic Guitar Package Review – Is This the Best of the Beginner Acoustic Guitars?

Beginner acoustic guitars come in all shapes and sizes, and the Yamaha Gigmaker Acoustic Guitar Package is certainly a contender. This review explores the pros and cons of this popular guitar.

Arlen Card, founder of AcousticGuitarHub.com, has worked professionally as a music producer for over 25 years. He has produced hundreds of recording sessions, many of them involving acoustic guitars, and some of the very finest acoustic players. He shares his experience with us here.

Yamaha Gigmaker Standard Acoustic Guitar Pack Review by Arlen Card

My Overall Rating:

Available on Amazon for $159.99 here.

Yamaha Gigmaker Standard Acoustic Guitar Starter Pack ReviewBuying an acoustic guitar for beginners can leave you confused because of all the junk out there. What’s the solution? It may be that the fine reputation of Yamaha guitars settles the whole issue for you.

In guitars, you really do pretty much get what you pay for. Yeah, you can pay $40 for an acoustic guitar, but you are virtually guaranteed to feel like you threw your money away because, at that price point, there is no way the instrument can be of any quality.

Enter the Yamaha Gigmaker Standard Acoustic Guitar Package

First off, ignore all the accessories — we’ll get to them later — and just concentrate on the instrument.

Check out these features:

  • F325 spruce top
  • Yamaha’s comfortable and ergonomic FG body style
  • Rosewood fingerboard
  • Meranti wood back & sides
  • Chrome tuners
  • Tortoise shell-style pick guard
  • Cool headstock insignia
  • Easy playability
  • Full tone quality
  • Backed by a limited lifetime warranty
  • On sale now at amazon.com

Those are all qualities that make this acoustic guitar sound great, despite the low price.

Here’s an excerpt from what one owner had to say:

“Yamaha quality and consistency are worth the few extra dollars you’ll spend over cheap starter guitars.” “If you’re buying this as a gift for a beginner who has nothing, this is probably an awesome deal.”
B. Bennett, Pittsburgh, PA

You can read the rest of this review here.

Now let’s look at the accessories. This starter package gives you:

  • A guitar gig bag
  • An electronic tuner
  • An instructional DVD full of lessons
  • A guitar strap
  • An extra set of guitar strings
  • Guitar picks…

…basically everything you need to start playing now.

The Good
  • Excellent quality instrument for the price
  • Sounds very good, again, for the price
  • Instructional DVD is quite good, and saves you $20 or so
  • The accessories make it convenient and much cheaper to get started
  • This instrument simply looks good — doesn’t seem “budget” at all
The Bad
  • At this price point, this guitar cannot sound as good as a $3,500 Martin, and it doesn’t
  • Some of the accessories (strap, picks, etc.) are el cheapo, but they’ll do the job for a while

All in all, it’s a high quality beginning instrument with multiple accessories, and light-years better than the junk sold for only a little less money. Click the following link to get more details on the Yamaha Gigmaker Standard Acoustic Guitar Package – what may be the perfect acoustic guitar for beginners.