Yamaha FG700S Acoustic Guitar – Read This Before Buying

Yamaha FG700S Acoustic Guitar Review

Is the Yamaha FG700s All It’s Cracked Up to Be?


Overall Yamaha FG700s Rating:
Yamaha FG700S
Yamaha FG700S Acoustic Guitar - A great guitar for beginners

Buying an acoustic guitar can be dangerous with so much junk out there, but the Yamaha FG700S is a very nice acoustic guitar at an even nicer price point. A great starter guitar, this fine instrument both sounds and looks good, and is appreciably better than even the excellent Yamaha acoustic (standard) included in the Gigmaker Starter Pack (also reviewed on this site).

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Overall Value

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Just look at some of the cool features of the Yamaha FG700s:

  • Die-cast tuners
  • Solid sitka spruce top for a gorgeous, full sound
  • Rosewood fingerboard
  • Black and white body binding
  • Tortoise Pickguard
  • High-gloss natural finish
  • A perfect gift!
  • On sale now through this link on Amazon.com

In the end, getting a well-designed and manufactured instrument like the Yamaha FG700s will make all the difference to you, or your new or developing player. The Yamaha FG700S Acoustic Guitar is simply worth a lot more in sound and ease of use than what’s being charged for it.

Want to hear it?

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Here’s an excerpt from what an actual owner of the Yamaha FG700S acoustic guitar said:

“….The action was perfect for a newbie but after asking another customer to test it for me (guy was freaking awesome on a guitar) I realized this one was amazing on really advanced stuff and you could strum the heck out of it and it still sounds amazing. Please if you are looking at playing guitar. PLEASE start with something like this instead of the $99-189 range… This is a 350 guitar hiding behind a 199 price tag. I know most [people] just want a guitar now but if you get a cheaper one you will quit playing because you can only take so much pain.”

Travis D., Phoenix, AZ

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So, gentle reader, here’s the whole scoop:

The Good
  • Excellent sounding guitar for the price! (Rich and full.)
  • Workmanship is of pretty high quality
  • The “action” is not too high for most, yet it speaks well, even when played aggressively
  • It’s genuinely pretty
  • The spruce top really does affect the sound (positively)
  • The factory-included strings are pretty good
  • Holds its tune better than most in this price range
  • You get several times more guitar for a tiny fraction more money: well worth it, IMHO
The Bad
  • The Yamaha FG700s cannot, and will not, sound like a $3,500 Martin
  • The body is large, so smaller people may have trouble cradling it as easily

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