Rocking Out the 90s With Acoustic Guitar

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An Acoustic Guitar Spin on Iconic Rock?

If you can get to Ohio, this duo sounds like an interesting find – playing 90s rock standards unplugged. Converting songs from one medium to another is often a very effective way to freshen up some dogged-eared music, and these two players seem to be all over it. Click the link below to get to the whole article and read more and see photos.


Rocking out the '90s with acoustic guitars

"Scott Paris was 10 years old when Nirvana's “Nevermind” was released. “It made me want to play guitar,” he says about that seminal grunge-rock album."

Some artists have used acoustic guitar or piano to revisit their own hits, but those renditions are often not as well received by fans because they don't sound "just like the record." But when the song is covered by an acoustic artist, sometimes it opens a whole new audience for the original. We think that might be going on here, with the above duo. Give them a listen, and you decide.

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