Jasmine S35 Acoustic Guitar – Beginner Acoustic Guitar

Jasmine S35 Acoustic Guitar - Beginner Acoustic Guitar
Jasmine S35 Beginner Acoustic Guitar

Jasmine S35 Beginner Acoustic Guitar: If you just can’t spend more than $100, are you gonna be stuck with junk?

The Jasmine S35 Acoustic Guitar is a true beginner acoustic guitar, and a real phenomenon when it comes to bang for your buck. While it is definitely the least of the instruments reviewed on this site, it is still head and shoulders above any of its competitors that we’ve heard in this price point. Please note that there are a lot of user reviews on this guitar, and while the majority are favorable, some users have some real issues with this guitar, so please make your choice carefully. Read on for more details…

Here’s an overview of the Jasmine S35‘s features so you can see why it might be a good choice for your beginner acoustic guitar

(also see the video demo, below):

  • Spruce top
  • “Nato” back and sides
  • Full body binding
  • Chrome tuning machines
  • Satin finish
  • Limited Lifetime warranty, where all parts and labor are covered for 2 years, then parts only for the original owner after that
  • Designed by Takamine, it features “takamine level” construction
  • Ships with d’addario exp strings
  • The best beginner acoustic guitar you can get for this price!
  • Here are some excerpts from actual S35 user reviews:

    good beginner/ beater guitar. With a bit of adjustments (new strings, setting neck relief, etc.) you can get it sounding pretty good.
    –J. Chuang, AL, USA

    I wasn’t expecting much for the price. When I opened the box to check out and tune the guitar, I was really pleased with the quality and beauty of this guitar,and it sounded really nice.
    –J.S. Thorson, Monticello, MN

    This guitar is better than any other other $90 guitar ive seen in guitar shops, and with some adjusting it could be very nice.
    –T. Bo

    (To see all of the reviews these excerpts were taken from, and many more users reviews, click here.)

    True, if you’re a serious amateur or budding pro, this is not enough guitar for you; but if you’re just giving the idea of playing guitar a whirl, and your budget is limited, we don’t believe you can find a better instrument in this price point. Here are the honest pros and cons:

    The Good
    • A very nice sound for the price – most users really like it
    • Good warranty
    • Really affordable
    • A lot of positive comments by users
    • You can be playing guitar right away for less than $100 bucks!
    The Bad
    • You’ll probably need to install a new set of strings on it – expect that additional expense
    • Some users complain of too high an action, or string buzz on low notes, which means…
    • Many buyers will want to get it professionally adjusted – expect that expense, too
    • It ships relatively unprotected, and does not include a case (caveat emptor)

    See lots of user reviews and full details on the Jasmine S35 Acoustic Guitar at Amazon.com.

    Here’s an example of a video demo of the Jasmine S35 Acoustic Guitar (limited to YouTube sound quality) to help give you beginner (or seasoned) acoustic guitar players a taste of what this instrument can do:

    Obviously, this guitar can make music!

    And here’s the Jasmine S35 Acoustic Guitar star rating from AcousticGuitarHub.com:

    Star Rating Breakdown

    Sound Quality
    Ease of Use _
    Overall Value

    If you can afford more for your guitar, you should consider one of the other guitars reviewed favorably on this site – we believe you’ll be glad you did. Also, check out Jasmine’s next guitar up, the S34C NEX as a better alternative for not much more money. But still, coming in at the most affordable level of guitars that can actually be considered instruments instead of toys, the Jasmine S35 remains a viable option for the budget-conscious amateur needing a beginner acoustic guitar.