3 Great Reasons You Should Learn to Play the Acoustic Guitar

Acoustic Guitar

Why You Should Finally Learn to Play

1. Once your acoustic guitar skills are up, you become a total chick/guy magnet. My friend Kenneth, back in high school, used to play Fogelberg, James Taylor, and Earl Klugh tunes on a thoroughly pounded acoustic guitar with no case, and he was always surrounded by girls.

My son now plays, and he is also constantly surrounded by girls.

Fact is, the person who can play guitar is attractive because music moves people’s souls. They can’t resist the raw emotion that good music evokes.

2. Being able to play music allows you to unwind and express yourself. If you need stress relief, try riffing the blues for a while, or playing and singing your favorite country or pop ballad. You’ll feel better, every time, as long as you have the skills to do so.

Fact is, with the right teacher, you can progress faster than you thought possible, and even get to the point, like my son has, that you can play anything you hear, even without music or tabs (tablature) to look at.

3. You can enhance your brain power by learning to play acoustic guitar. It’s true. Music is audible math, so when you gain proficiency at music, you are waking up the mathematical, relational part of your brain. You’ll find many other thinking tasks become much easier as your musical skill grows.

acoustic guitar - it's time to get started learning.

So, to sum up, playing the guitar can get you a girlfriend, boyfriend, or spouse, can help you chill and be happy, and can also make you a better thinker.

See? You’ve wanted to play for a long time, but you’ve put it off. Now you’ve got three very important reasons why you should just jump in and learn!

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